Why hire travel insurance?

When we start a trip we check the suitcase so that nothing remains, such as the swimsuit, passport, mobile phone or wallet. However, travel insurance is a service that does not always fit in our suitcase .

In a recent study conducted by InterMundial entitled “Use of travel insurance in Spain”, 79% of Spaniards travel without insurance . A figure that tells us that your non-contracting may be associated due to your lack of knowledge. For this reason, we will describe the different coverages of travel insurance. You will no longer have an excuse.

When to take out travel insurance

Travel insurance is a useful service for all types of travelers and for all destinations. We never know what can happen once we get to our vacation spot. Unexpected situations can occur anywhere. The economic cost of an injury abroad can be very expensive . In some countries, breaking a leg can cost 30,000 euros, an amount that can not be easily dealt with at the time.

In addition, the contracting of a travel policy guarantees a series of coverages not only during the trip, but also before and after . For this reason it is important to hire it just when we make the reservation. Thus, in case of cancellation of our flight or apartment, we will reimburse the economic expenses.

Travel insurance coverage

There are different types of travel policies and depending on our needs we must hire one or the other. The most common are those that refer to health care and those related to cancellationalthough the range is much wider.


In the event of becoming ill or suffering an accident, the insured will have coverage for medical assistance when contracting this policy. In addition to guaranteeing medical, hospitalization or surgical expenses, health care has other, more unknown coverage:

  • Displacement of the insured person to the hospital or medical center.
  • Displacement and accommodation of a companion in case the insured is hospitalized
  • Transfer and repatriation of both the insured and the companion.
  • Shipping of medications .
  • Early return , which covers expenses from the place of origin to the destination.
  • Transfer and repatriation in case of death.
  • Substitution of the insured for repatriation in case of work trips.
  • Management and coordination of assistance services .
  • Translation service .

Travel cancellation insurance

This policy covers cancellation expenses that may arise from the time you hire the trip until you arrive home. Some of the coverages offered by insurers in this type of policy are:

  • Accommodation . When there is a cancellation in the hotel, hostel or apartment where we have booked.
  • Expenses for the cancellation in the transport .
  • Rental of vehicles .
  • Excursions or guided tours that we have contracted.
  • Cancellation expenses in haute cuisine restaurants where we have made an online pre-booking.
  • Cancellation of the trip due to health problems , labor issues such as dismissal, incorporation to a new job and even cancellation due to bureaucratic issues such as a divorce or a call to a polling station.

Other travel insurance coverages

  • Compensation in case of delay exceeding 6 hours in the departure of the flight that has as a consequence the loss of transfer or the required stay until you can travel again.
  • Cancellation of the trip due to company problems . In these cases, you can claim reimbursement of the expenses derived from the mandatory stay and, depending on the type of ticket, compensation.
  • Overbooking
  • Location and shipment of luggage and personal effects to the place of travel or the address where the insured resides.
  • Civil Liability and Legal Defense outside of Spain. In this way, the insured will have covered the costs of judicial defense as well as the advance of the judicial bond or telephone counseling.
  • Compensation for the theft or material damages  that personal effects may suffer.

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